Expo Eco Salud Solidario 2018

Solidary Expo Eco Salud 2018

This year Expo Eco Salud Madrid 2018 will once again collaborate with the ONG Fundación de Alternativas, Motivación y Acompañamiento (ADAMA), which will be the beneficiary of corporate social responsibility actions, CSR, made in the next edition of the Salon.


ADAMA establish collaboration agreements where both parties agree to initiate a process of shared work and provide comprehensive care to individuals from different but complementary perspectives.

They are convinced that the motivation and vital accompaniment from Human Contact, Empathy and Understanding are necessary to awaken a process of personal change, whose goal is to restore the inner strength sense and decent life that is rightfully ours.

So they created Therapeutic Projects custom designed to meet the particular needs of each group and are accompanied by a structure for planning, implementation and evaluation to ensure quality service.

The tools that define them by nature are:
Using Natural Techniques for applying them in innovative ways in the social sector and the work of a team of committed and clear integrated securities volunteers.

In ADAMA they are committed to transparent communication both internally between they volunteer team; and externally to the network of social institutions and public agencies.

More information at www.adama.org.es